Versatile 16Ne Cotton Apparel Yarn

  • Well-balanced 16.05 Ne yarn
  • 1800CSP gives good tensile strength
  • 55IPI ensures low contamination
  • Retains shape after washing and wearing
  • Versatile suiting apparel fabrics
  • Medium surface area takes up colors well
  • Smoothness prevents buildup and clogging
  • Boosts productivity through efficiency
  • Durable construction resists early wear
  • Shirtings, linens, twills and more

Our 16.05Ne cotton yarn offers a great balance of quality and affordability. With medium thickness and well-balanced attributes of 1800CSP and 55IPI, it provides good all-round performance.

The strength of 1800CSP imparts nice tenacity so fabrics maintain sturdy structure after washing and wearing without significant shrinkage or bagging. Easy care properties also result from the rounded compact structure retaining shape over time.

Its medium count strikes the right balance of providing density for opacity while retaining breathability and some degree of lightness / sheerness valued in shirtings. Absorbing moisture well, it allows comfort in hot and humid weather.

The 16 Ne’s versatility suits it for a range of apparel fabrics including linens, twills, poplins as well as shirtings/ dresses. Taking color dyes to a medium depth, its moderate surface area gives rich, vivid tones suited for men’s and women’s wear.

Our yarn is combed, assureing a contamination rate of just 55IPI. The lower hairiness enables smooth processing without buildup/clogging while reducing snagging. This significantly improves process efficiencies, minimizes stoppages and boosts productivity and quality.

The resulting fabrics have great stitchability with seam slippage or fraying infrequently encountered during stitching or use. This saves time and costs in production. For end-users, the flawless construction provides durability resisting early damage or wear even after repeated laundry.


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