Luxurious 30Ne Designer Cotton Yarn

  • 30.05 count with 1450CSP strength
  • Ensures consistency for sheerest transparencies
  • Retains lightweight breathability
  • Rich color absorption for vivid brights to deep tones
  • Low imperfections for smooth uninterrupted processing
  • Results in tear/abrasion resistant durability
  • Elevates luxury – laces, sheers and silks

Our ultra-fine 30.05Ne cotton yarn takes luxurious fabrics to the next level with its combination of extreme softness and strength of 1450CSP. Meticulously crafted with 550 imperfections per inch, it achieves supreme consistency for sheerest airy transparencies.

The dense ultra-fine construction fills spaces between threads to a great degree securing a lightweight near see-through opaque effect much desired in high fashion. Yet the yarn retains breathability and a featherweight drape that gracefully flatters silhouettes.

With abundant surface area, the 30Ne cotton absorbs pigments to their deepest tones yielding richly saturated colors. From sunny yellows to midnight blues, vivid reliable color is achievable even without blends enhancing aesthetics of delicate florals and intracate prints.

Low contamination ensures the yarn moves smoothly through production machinery lowering stops and slubs. The result is couture-grade fabric, flawless and resistant to tears or abrasions for remarkable longevity given its gossamer-like quality.

Our product is thus perfect for translating most exacting designer visions into reality – exquisite laces, embroidered sheers, lightweight sarees and intricate embroidered silks. It also meets requirements for sheer overlays, georgette and voiles.


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