Comfortable 14Ne Cotton Yarn

  • 14.05 medium-count cotton
  • 1800CSP for shape retention over time
  • 45IPI ensures low contamination
  • Stitchability, breathability at contained cost
  • Higher processing speeds via smooth-running
  • Print/color vibrancy retains over many washes
  • Versatile – bottom-wear to home textiles use
  • Balance of fabric durability and airflow
  • Density secures opacity while allowing breeze

Our 14.05Ne cotton yarn strikes an optimal balance between fineness and sturdiness. With tight construction as evident from its 1800CSP tenacity, fabrics retain shape and structure excellently over time without sagging.

The medium count also imparts requisite density for opacity while retaining enough breathability and airflow. This suits the yarn wonderfully for lightweight shirtings, t-shirts, dresses as well as linens used in hot and humid weather.

With a contamination rate of only 45IPI, the combed and cleaned yarn processes very smoothly. This significantly improves processing speeds, efficiency, and productivity while reducing fiber fly or static interference.

The resulting flaw-free construction translates into fabrics with remarkable longevity resisting early damage despite repetitive wearing and washing. They retain the vibrancy of prints and colors over extended durations as well.

Such well-balanced durability, comfort, and quality are also available at an affordable price point. This positions our 14Ne cotton yarn as a value buy for budget-conscious needs across bottom-wear, athleisure, home textiles, etc.

14Ne yarn offers:

  • Great tenacity from dense structure resists sagging
  • Breathability retaining comfort in hot conditions
  • Enables productivity via very smooth processability
  • Fabrics show extraordinary flawlessness and longevity
  • Affordability aligning quality with reasonable pricing
  • Value positioning across apparel and home segments


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