Durable 10Ne Value Cotton Yarn

  • 10.5Ne thick yarn providing durability and strength
  • 1800CSP gives good tensile strength
  • 20IPI ensures low contamination
  • Resists abrasion, retains structure and shape over time
  • Economical option for canvas, jute bags, etc
  • Works for upholstery, blanketing, denim
  • Natural fullness provides nice drapability
  • Absorbs colors deeply after bleaching & mercerization
  • A smooth and consistent surface prevents breakages
  • Results in robust fabrics with minimal pores/flaws

Our 10.5Ne cotton yarn is an economical yet durable choice suitable for a wide range of textile applications. With a strong CSP of 1800 and only 20 imperfections per inch, it offers good strength and low contamination levels making it ideal for heavy and coarse fabrics.

The higher twist in this thick 10-count yarn imparts good tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and stability to the finished fabric. So it can withstand repeated use and laundry while maintaining the structure and shape well over time without significant wear and tear.

The yarn will suit the production of budget home textiles like canvas, jute bags, rugs, blanketing, or even upholstery where longevity is important. It also works well for bottom-wear like denim where strength is vital to provide good form retention during use. The natural fullness of the 10 count fills up fabrics nicely conferring nice drapability.

Our yarn is also bleached and mercerized which allows deeper permeation of dye providing vivid colors with a soft supple feel. So it is a flexible option that produces sturdy as well as comfortable fabrics retaining softness through extended usage.

With low hairiness and contamination, our yarn processes smoothly without snagging on warping mills and looms. This prevents warp breaks and improves efficiency. The consistently smooth surface also results in a good fabric with minimum pores or weak points prone to tearing/abrasion damage.


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