Fine 20Ne Easy Care Shirting Yarn

  • Fine 20.01 count
  • 1700CSP giving good tensile strength
  • Low imperfections at 90IPI
  • Retains fabric shape over repeated laundering
  • Smooth processability without fiber fly
  • Lustrous yarn crafts delicate sheers
  • Dye absorption allows colorful kids/women’s wear
  • Ensures uniform fabric thickness/drape
  • Softness meets sturdiness for easy care

Fine 20Ne Easy Care Shirting Yarn

Our fine 20.01Ne yarn is ideal for producing soft, flowy fabrics like poplin, twill, and sateen. With a tight construction, strength of 1700CSP and low imperfections of 90IPI, it is perfect for apparel applications demanding both delicacy and sturdiness.

The strength provided by its high twist enables fabrics to retain their shape through repeated washing, wearing and even rougher laundry techniques like handwash. So it’s great for shirting where easy maintenance is valued. The yarn’s close build fills up space between threads securing opacity.

Its smooth surface with few contaminants allows uninterrupted processing without fiber fly or static buildup which hikes productivity. The flawlessness carries over to fabrics enhancing tear strength and abrasion resistance for increased longevity.

The refined thin nature combined with mercerization-enabled luster gives silky sheerness prized in women’s fashion. Our quality assurance also guarantees consistency required for delicate fabrics to drape or fall evenly without distortion from uneven thickness.

Vibrant solid shades or intricate prints come alive on the 20Ne owing to great dye receptivity from its higher surface area. From brightly colored kidswear to chic women’s designer outfits, its versatility suits a spectrum spanning playful to elegant.

Our 20Ne cotton yarn offers:

  • Durability from high twist retaining fabric shape after washes
  • Soft sheerness combined with tear/abrasion resistance
  • Productivity-enhancing smoothness preventing fiber fly
  • Lustrous quality enlivening delicate fabrics
  • Superb dye absorption for vivid colors
  • Consistent quality ensuring uniform drapability


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